Baxiko Abentura Plus

Take the leap and fly over IrriSarri Land on our 900 metre zip-line

Fly with us!


Baxiko Abentura Plus

Look what it includes:

Baxiko Abentura Plus adds three zip-line jumps (T120, T370 and T900) and the Treetop Route. Your Baxiko Abentura Plus ticket lets you enjoy the best of IrriSarri Land



T200, T215 and T900 zip-lines

Three zip-line jumps, including the super T900. Go for it and “touch the clouds” with your fingers.
* T900 min. wheight 60kg.(tandem available)

Treetop route

An adventure that you will remember for a long time. Secure your harness and enjoy the forest in the funniest way.

Minimun height: 1.10 m.)
Under 12 must be accompanied by an adult


Jolastoki (inflatable castle, adventure castle, pedal cars, mini football, mini basketball, various games)

The Landscape Route

The perfect walk for all ages.
3.5 kilometres winding through the Irrisarri countryside, where you’ll discover different sights, various types of woodland, livestock grazing, with fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and villages.

The Adventure Route

The adventure route has been specially designed for our younger adventurers. Ropes, tree trunks, climbing and, best of all, a great Tibetan Bridge over 50 metres up to ensure fun and exercise. Don’t miss it.

The Mythological Route

A route created to get to know the beings that inhabit our woods but that few manage to see.

The Nature Route

A route specially designed to show Irrisarri Land and its surroundings in many ways: the fauna, the flora, how the mountains are used, the history of the park and much, much more.


Take a frisbee and improve your handicap over this 7-target course through the park

Water games

Our water games park. Refresh yourself and have fun with your family and friends. But only in the summer – it’s cool here the rest of the year!



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