Open from March to November

IrriSarri Land Bike Park is a bike park for mountain bikes, specialized in downhill and enduro. It has 13 fast circuits with flow, with jumps and cambers for all audiences.

Entrada Baxi Bike

La entrada Baxi Bike incluye Forfait y entrada al parque IrriSarri Land.
29€* (+ Seguro accidentes 6,50€).

1/2 día mañana (de 9:30h a 13:00h)
23€* (+ Seguro accidentes 6,50€).

*10% de descuento comprando tus entradas online.

The opening time of the Bike Park is from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The use of the helmet and knee pads is mandatory. Check the rules.

Due to availability reasons, it is highly recommended to reserve in advance.

75 hectares of land with seven Downhill slopes and three other tracks for Dirt Jump, with four different difficulty levels for Downhill discipline and three for Dirt Jump. The simplest one, for initiation, the green and the most difficult, only recommended for experts cyclists, with the black track.

There is a trailer truck with capacity for 70 bicycles and bikers to go up to the start of the slopes. The slopes combine wooded areas with rivers, jumps, rapid downhill areas, perched curves, bridges and high-level slopes.

The 10 kilometers of tracks are a great opportunity for those who want to start in the world of Enduro and DH (thanks to the peralts, jumps, flush changes and walkways), as well as the Dirt Park (very well prepared to start jumping).

Bike Park

Te indicamos donde se encuentran los diferentes servicios del Bike Park

  1. Bar
  2. Check-in Alquiler, Taller
  3. Pump Track
  4. Salida del camión remonte
  5. Dirt park
  6. Albergue
  7. Inicio pistas
  • Circuito de iniciación
  • Pistas intermedias
  • Circuitos para expertos
  • Circuito profesional
  • Zona de duchas
  • Zona limpieza de bicis
  • Información

Entrada Baxi Bike

Tranquility and privacy are assured in our complex that offers activities and various accommodation options, as it is ideally located within the Irrisarri Land complex, a new concept of rural resort.


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