Need for Freedom, Wild Heart, The Wind on Your Face… They might sound like film titles but they’re the kind of thoughts that you’ll have when you finally dismount. Feelins that are difficult to express but take over your whole being after an unforgettable ride

Disfruta de la manera más auténtica los interminables paisajes de IrriSarri Land. A lomos de cualquiera de nuestros caballos y acompañado por un monitor especializado podrás recorrer el parque y sentir la naturaleza en el medio de transporte más ecológico y natural.

You can choose between the 15 minute “Beginner Riders” course or longer rides and routes lasting:




There are certain minimum requirements for some activities.


The “Beginner Riders” course is only for children from 2 to 5 years of age accompanied by an adult.

5 is the minimum age for the Rides

10 is the minimum age for the Routes*

You need to have prior experience and/or have ridden before to ride the routes

Safety equipment must be used for certain activities. This equipment will be provided by the park

Activity Price Duration
Beginner riders 12€ 15 minutes
Learner riders 16€ 30 minutes
Riding route (min 2 pax.) 27€ 60 minutes
Riding excursion (min 2 pax.) 40€ 120 minutes

To perform this activity reservation is required

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