Pendulum jump

More excitement for the most daring of you.
Put on a harness and rope for a pendulum flight similar to bungee jumping. A real adrenalin burst that everyone will love. Do you dare?

The pendulum hangs from bridge on two parallel 370-metre-long cables that cross the valley. In the middle, two lianas are fixed to a parachute-type harness to ensure the safety of the jumper. Then, 40 metres up, you jump from the platform into the void for a 70-metre pendulum flight, a bit like a giant seesaw.

Certain minimum requirements must be complied with and safety equipment used for some activities.

Minimum weight:


Maximum weight:



The minimum age for the route is 16

Safety equipment must be used for certain activities. This equipment is provided by the park.

Pendulum Jump:

  • Helmet
  • Harness

Activity Price Duration
Pendulum jump 35€ 45 minutes