Zip-lines and canopy

Several tickets include at least two zip-line jumps. If you want even more, or your ticket doesn’t include zip-lining, here you have one of the longest canopy circuits.

These are your options for enjoying zip-lining:

  • T-160 m. + T-370 m. zip-lines.
  • T-900 m. zip-line
  • Short canopy (3 zip-lines. Min 2 pax.)
  • Long canopy (7 zip-lines. Min 4 pax.)

La tirolina T370m que te lleva al Jolastoki está adaptada para personas con movilidad reducida.
Con tu hijo, tu pareja o tu ex, todas las tirolinas ofrecen la posibilidad de realizar saltos de dos en dos.

Para la realización de esta actividad es necesaria una entrada general

There are certain minimum requirements for some activities.

Minimum weight:

Long Canopy  *60kg.
Short Canopy *60kg
T900 *60kg
T370 *40kg

*(if you aren’t heavy enough, you can jump in tandem)

Maximum weight:

The maximum weight for this zip-line is 120 kilos and depends on the atmospheric conditions.


You must be at least 3 years old to use the zip-lines.

All our facilities and processes undergo an annual audit to guarantee they are in perfect condition.

Safety equipment must be used for certain activities. This equipment will be provided by the park.

Zip Line:

  • Pulley
  • Helmet
  • Harness

Activity Price Duration
T-160 m. + T-370 m. Zip Lines 12€ 45 minutes
T-900 m. Zip Line 16€ 30 minutes
Short Canopy (3 zip-lines. Min 2 pax.) 32€ 90 minutes
Long Canopy (7 zip-lines. Min 4 pax.) 42€ 120 minutes