During the last academic year, over 2,000 school students enjoyed our day trips or school camps. Ever more schools are relying on us to handle these learning and leisure excursions that help break up the academic year.

We offer made-to-measure options for each school, meaning that you’re sure to find what you need in line with the ages and tastes of the boys and girls. Nature plays the leading role in all our options, all supervised by specialised monitors. You can also add other activities to tailor your experience to your needs, whether you come for just one day or decide to stay overnight at our hostel. We offer various food options and picnic lunches that you can download by clicking on this link.

Don’t worry about rainy days, because our covered facilities house over 1,000 square metres of activities and games.

As we know that many of the boys and girls will come back later with their parents, we give them a free entry ticket as our present.

Download our schools brochure and ask for more information by filling in the questionnaire or calling 00 34 948 928 922.   Teachers come free, by the way 😉

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