Project Description

An adrenaline filled and exhilarating challenge.
That’s what it’s like to zip along in IrriSarri Land.
Do you want to zipline with someone else? You can do it on every zip line.

You will find one of the longest canopy circuits in Europe – over 2.5 km.

We have 8 zip lines so everyone can enjoy this thrilling experience.

The longest zip linein Navarre and Basque Autonomous Community is also found here; the ZL-900 m

Information and Prices

Short canopy (3 zip lines)

ZL-200m, ZL-215m and zl-900m.
Activity included in Baxi Abentura Plus
Min.: 2 people.
Transport included.

  • Duration
To take part
  • Minimum Weight: 40 kg (Except ZL-900m 60 kg)
  • Maximum weight: T-900 mm / *110kg (Depending on weather conditions )
  • Rest of the ziplines: *40kg
  • Minimum age: 3 years+
  • * If your weight is under 40 kg, you can jump in tandem if the qualified instructor agrees
  • *Depending on weather conditions and other factors, the qualified instructor will approve each participant.
Zipline specifications
Length Height Speed Time
ZL-160 m 160m 25m 35km/h 6seg.
ZL-170 m 170m 30m 50km/h 6seg.
ZL-200 m 200m 20m 50km/h 6seg.
ZL-215 m 215m 30m 45km/h 8sec.
ZL-270 m 270m 55m 40km/h 10sec.
ZL-285 m 285m 50m 45km/h 12sec.
ZL-370 m 370m 50m 60km/h 20sec.
ZL-900 m 900m 90m 80km/h 50sec.