Irrisarri Bike Enduro Championship 2022

The IrriSarri Bike Enduro race will be held on October 29-30.

IrriSarri Bike Enduro is an open where all practitioners of this type of mountain bike can participate.

11 categories available for federated men and women from 15 years old.



  • Registration price: €54 federated and €59 non-federated.
    (Includes: Sunday lunch, supplies on Sunday, access to showers and hoses and Baxi Natura entrance for both days).

This event is aimed at Enduro modality practitioners. This type of MTB contains downhill and uphill sections, the downhill sections are timed sections and the uphill sections are link sections. It’s a race disputed in the park circuits marked through signs and tapes.

  • Slope and distance: 1,000 meters and 20 kilometers approx.

To participate you need a full face helmet, knee pads and bib or backpack.


· Cadet: between 15-16 years old.
· Junior: between 17-18 years old.
· Sub 23: between 19-22 years old.
· Elite: those whose license or registration includes elite category
· Master 30, 40, 50: those whose license or registration includes master category 30, 40, 50.
· Cadet females: between 15-16 years old.
· Ebike: Anyone who wants to participate with an electric bicycle.
· Females: Those who are 15 years old or older.
· Scratch: The general classification of all the categories together.

The bike park will be open on Saturday only and the hostel and the parking for vans from Friday the 28th.

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