Irrisarri Bike Enduro Championship 2023 (Sustrails Open Enduro BTT)

The IrriSarri Bike Enduro race will be held on October 7-8 inside Sustrails Open Enduro BTT.

This Enduro open consists of three races disputed in three municipalities of Navarra between September and October.

Each event will be held for an entire weekend. Saturday training and classification and Sunday race.


IrriSarri Bike Enduro is a race where everyone and all the practitioners of this mountain bike modality can participate. 9 categories available for federated and non-federated men and women from the age of 15.

For those born between 2009-2013will have the opportunity to participate in a child race on Saturday afternoon. Planing for both children and adults will be sent by mail after registration.

Tour of Sunday enduro race Level: 1.117 m Distance: 21,6 km. Career monitoring.


Registration price: 45€ federated and 55€ non-federated. The price includes the following: Race shirt, snack and refreshment on Sunday after the race, Sunday watching, Friday training (warning), general entrance to BAXI NATURA park for weekend. The price for a child career includes: Race shirt, insurance and career participation.

This test is intended for practitioners of the modality called Enduro. This MTB mode contains downgrades and contains uploads, the downgrades are called TC (timed section) and the uploads are called TE (link section). It consists of a test disputed by the circuits of the park in which they are signposted as part of the race through signs and tapes.

The integral helmet shall be mandatory, properly rubbed and fitted in timed sections, tote or backpack and knee pads. Getting your phone up during training and running is mandatory. Glasses, gloves and boilers are highly recommended.


  • Sub 18: Those born between the years 2006-2008 may participate in this category.
  • Sub 23: Those born between the years 2005-2000 may participate in this category.
  • Elite: One who in his license or registration is listed as an elite category.
  • Master 30: The one on your license includes master 30.
  • Master 40 and 50: The Master 40 and 50.
  • Scratch Féminas: Those born from 2008 with muscle bike will be able to participate.
  • Ebike: He who competes with an electric bike.
  • Female ebike: Those born from 2008 with ebike will be able to participate.
  • Scratch: General classification with muscle bike.

Requirements to race children on the green track on Saturday at 15h00, to be born between 2009-2013:

Race rules.
Open rules.

Date and time limit to register online: 06/10/23 18h00.

Date and time limit to register for the park: 07/10/23 12h00.

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