Rider Rules

Advice and Recommendations

La propiedad recuerda que la práctica del MTB comporta un elevado riesgo y obliga el uso de casco y protecciones integrales. Irrisarri Land is not responsible for any injury or accidents suffered by the rider or caused by third parties.
Have fun and ride safe and do not overestimate your abilities. Weather conditions must always be taken into account as this is an area of high rainfall.
Smoking is strictly prohibited within the perimeter of the bike park.

We want to be kind to the surroundings and the natural environment, and therefore we ask for full respect for all animals, avoiding all contact with them, as well as any kind of waste and litter.

It is mandatory to sign any indemnity waiver at the time of purchasing a day pass. In the case of minors unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, the submission of an original signed document shall be compulsory. The forms can be downloaded from the website.

Document to sign

Safety Rules

  1. The Bike Park runs between farmland and woods, so that despite constant maintenance, branches, stones or loose animals can always be found.
  2. Be responsible in your descent (downhill) and verify that the trail is free of obstacles and, if found, remove them and/or notify the park manager.
  3. Respect signs and areas shared with other park users and with farm animals.
  4. In the case of finding animals in the trails, do not alter them and let them go away in peace.
  5. You are in a natural environment, respect the environment, the trails and keep the forest clean.
  6. Trails may be modified only by authorised staff of Irrisarri Land.
  7. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Downhills and Dirt Park
      • <16 With parental permission and under adult supervision.
        Minors trained at the Bike Eskola may ride without being accompanied by an adult but must have signed authorization from an adult.
      • <18 With the permission of an adult.
  8. El uso del casco integral y rodilleras es obligatorio.
    • Full-face helmet, bike gloves, knee & elbow pads and body armour.
  9. The use of the trail is at the risk of each rider. The Park is not responsible for accidents resulting from the use of an trail inappropriate to the rider’s level and.
  10. This is a high-risk sport, each rider must be prudent and adapt their speed to the control necessary for one’s own safety and that of other riders.
  11. Filming and photography at the park’s facilities for commercial purposes is prohibited.


GREEN: Beginner trail, easy downhill

BLUE: easy level on various terrain

RED:Trail for experts, large level changes and jumps

BLACK:Trail for Pro with steep tracks.

Recommened minimum age for each trail

Dirt Park (recommended)

Green: >5 years

Blue: >12 years

Red: >16 years

Black: >18 years

Descent (Recommended)

Green: >8 years

Blue: >10 years

Red: >16 years

Black: >18 years

Recommendations and responsabilities

  1. Protecciones obligatorias: Casco integral y rodilleras
  2. Protecciones recomendadas: protecciones obligatorias más coraza, espaldera, coderas, guantes, gafas, etc.
  3. Each rider’s equipment must be in perfect condition.
  4. Having insurance.
  5. Use only trails adapted to your level.
  6. Level tests can be requested from the Irrisarri Bike supervisors.