Project Description

Nature walks to explore the forest and feel nature in its fullness. Nature walks can be done barefoot, and blindfolded… Feel and live nature in your mind and body.

Adventure nature route

Duration: 40 minutes

Bonito paseo por el bosque, el cual finaliza con el paso por el puente tibetano.

Scenic route

Duration: 90 minutes

Distance: 3,5 km

Un bonito paseo para conocer diferentes rincones y perspectivas del parque. Durante el recorrido se puede visitar el centro de interpretación, la calera, el museo del carbón, etc.

Sensory nature walks I & II

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Buggy and wheelchair accessible

It consists of three parts. In the first, barefoot you will feel different textures of nature, in the second part you will develop imagination through your sense of touch and finally, in the third part, with a blindfold you will develop your sense of touch playing with nature.

Mythological route

Duration: 60 minutes

As a ginkana, discover Basque mythological characters. It’s a walk through the forest.

*Ask for the route map in the shop.

Nature route

Duration: 60 minutes

Explore the joys of seeking out the woodland’s inhabitants in their natural habitat and the flora of IrriSarri Land. It meets the mythological route.

Looking for Baxi

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Buggy and wheelchair accessible

Follow the clues to find our friend Baxi.

*Ask for your map in the shop.