*Bike Park remains CLOSED until march.

Bike Park

Our trails start in the upper part of the Park and encompass forest areas and river sections and different features such as jumps, berms, ramps, bridges and tunnels.

TRAILS 1 / Green
New riders

Price 26€ (Baxi Bike Ticket)

Fun for all the family
Our easiest trail. This beginner-friendly trail is designed to be enjoyed by everyone. The 2.5m wide open track with ripples and banked berms is perfect to learn basic MBT skills.
A gravel surface for better grip in wet conditions.

TRAIL 2 / Blue
Level I

Price 26€ (Baxi Bike Ticket)

An introduction to natural trails.

These trails are modified natural trails, single track type, with changes of altitude and banked berms connecting to the green and red trail.

TRAIL 3 / Red
Advanced Riders

Price 26€ (Baxi Bike Ticket)

Trail for experienced riders.

It’s the most fun, featuring a variety of berms and jumps.

This trail is for experienced riders, but the variety of obstacles allows intermediate/advanced riders to have fun too.

TRAIL 4 / Black
Pro Riders

Price 26€ (Baxi Bike Ticket)

The most demanding trail.

It features a narrow track with steeply sloped sections. It has a footbridge to ride over the forest as well as lots of jumps and wooded areas.

You also find steeply sloped sections, tricky bends and slippery terrain.