Irrisarri Land

IrriSarri Land is a rural resort and adventure park located in Igantzi, in the north of Navarre, in the region of the Cinco Villas of the Baztan-Bidasoa. It is 30 minutes from the Basque coast and has an area of 75 hectares.

... is adventure For all ages. Both children and adults can have fun while enjoying nature. The combination of relaxing and thrilling activities make Irrisarri Land a perfect place to have a unique experience and feel butterflies in the stomach. Book now ... is fun IrriSarri Land was christened the land of endless laughter. A place where happiness surrounds us and brings out the best in everyone. Emotion, adrenaline, adventure and positive energy are within everyone’s reach. Book now ... is nature In IrriSarri Land you will feel that you are part of nature. You will be in a beautiful landscape, made up of forest and meadow, where cattle, horses and “latxa” native bask sheep graze, … in a magical environment where you can discover deeply-rooted traditions linked to Basque mythology and culture. Book now ... is disconnection It’s quality time for you and yours. Arriving at IrriSarri Land makes you disconnect from your routine and time seems to stand still. You will experience the smell of moss, the sound of trees, the quietness of the cattle, the wind, the rain and the sun on your skin… Let yourself go. Book now

IrriSarri Land, your limitless territory

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Baxi, our mascot

Our mascot is Basajaun, Baxi, the forest protector from Basque mythology. When storms arrive the Basajaun whistles warning the shepherds to collect their animals  and takes care of us all.