Renewable energies

Solar panels are the intermediary that makes sunlight serve as energy. Its design is simple, very effective and allows self-consumption, which promotes sustainability.
In IrriSarri Land, specifically on the roof of Jolastoki, a 110 kW photovoltaic installation has been built, consisting of 288 photovoltaic solar modules. All modules have a unit power of 450Wp, which adds up to a total peak power of 129.6 kwp. The photovoltaic inverter is responsible for converting the electrical energy in direct current generated by the panels, to alternating current with the same characteristics as that of the electrical grid.

Biomass is an inexhaustible source of energy, it pollutes the environment very little and barely affects the ozone layer. As renewable energy, it reduces the use of fossil fuels and the pollution they produce. Promotes the cleaning of mountains and forests. The hot water and heating of the Palace, Cottages, Mirador, Hostel and Jolastoki is produced with biomass.