``Palacio de Yrisarri`` Restaurant

You are dining indoors but it feels like you’re outdoors

Cheff Teresa Gil offers us a menu based on seasonal products, vegetables and meat from Navarra, fish and desserts … ..with traditional elaborations and winks to the latest trends in the kitchen.

Cordero con migas
Canelón de Txangurro

Due to all this and the location of our panoramic restaurant in front of the mountains of Izu, Pagolleta and Beltzutza, the visit to our restaurant is an unforgettable experience.

Taberna Jolastoki

Salads, snacks, sandwiches…

A grill that makes everything tasty!

Our grill is sizzling hot. Come and choose your dish. T-bone steak, vegetables, pasta, or whatever you like.
For your dining experience we offer you a range of set menus, with food being served in the dining area of the bar and a selection that includes a buffet for starters and grilled dishes for mains.

If you’re staying in the Huts, we’ll prepare the dishes of your choice for you to enjoy in your room, unhurried, relaxed, with just your friends and family.

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Activities From 14:00 untiil 18:00
Taberna y Jolastoki From 14:00 until nightfall
Saturdays and Sundays
ActivitiesFrom 10:00 until 18:00
Taberna y Jolastoki From 09:00 until 23:00
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